Just Hit Snooze

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One morning, recently, a member of my morning show, Tara, showed me her phone alarm. I noticed she had multiple times, all set for the same day. I laughed and said, “This is interesting.” I’m going to bring this up on the air and tease you about setting 20 alarms to get up in the morning. She gave me a confused look. I think she wanted to argue but out of respect for my “seniority” she went along with it.

I was all ready to light heartedly “alarm shame” her. However, that is not at all what happened. In fact, my audience and every person in my office turned on me. “What? That is crazy! There is no way you only have one alarm set on your phone. You’re lying.” Apparently, the conversation continued throughout that day’s staff meetings. All of my coworkers thought it was so outrageous that I only set one alarm!

I explained to them that I set my phone to wake me up at 3 A.M. (I know. It kind of sucks) When the alarm goes off...I hit snooze. Simple. What is so confusing? I guess “normal” people set multiple alarms 5-10 minutes apart because they reach over and turn their phones off after each one. Isn’t that just a more difficult way of hitting snooze? Or is my way more difficult?

All I know is that I seem to be a “unicorn” around my workplace. What is even more unbelievable...when we were discussing snooze buttons on the radio, my friend sent me a text. He claims that his wife hits snooze many times each morning and it drives him bonkers. They fight about it. I asked him why they fight. “Don’t you hit snooze too?”. He honestly seemed disgusted with me. “NOOOO”. He chirped back. “I set my alarm for the time I wish to get up. Then when it goes off...I get up. Otherwise, why do we even set alarms?”. Wow. I thought I was the weird one! LOL.

Teresa Maxwell