The Candy That Is All Trick And No Treat

If you enjoy having eggs thrown at your garage door or having your trees draped with toilet paper then I have the perfect sweet treat for you to hand out this Halloween. The website, is selling Kale flavored candy canes. I guess it really is meant for Christmas but I strongly feel these should not be handed out for any holiday.  

kale candy canes.jpg

The product summary describes the green and white striped monstrosity as giving you the flavor of kale with none of the dietary benefits. Ummmm…then what is the point? Believe it or not, kale is not the craziest candy cane flavor they have. You can also stuff those Christmas stockings with pizza, ham, bacon, pickle, clam or even mac & cheese flavors. In fact, if you truly have a child that has been more naughty than nice…then you can give them coal flavored candy canes. What? A Six-pack will cost you $6.50 at  

Teresa Maxwell