Are You A Zombie Eater?


I space out from time to time. Let’s be honest, we have all done that zombie driving thing…where you drive the same route to work daily and sometimes it is as if you “wake up” and poof…you have arrived at your destination…but you don’t really remember the trip.

 Well, apparently we do that when we eat as well. It is called “Zombie Eating”. Pretzel Crisps did a survey to study American eating habits. 88 percent of people admitted they stare at some type of screen while eating.

 The survey goes on to point out that the average eater in the U.S. looks at their phone twice during a meal. (Guilty) 83 percent of people admitted to letting their food get cold because they can’t eat until they find the perfect show to watch while stuffing their face AND 86 percent have forgotten to eat because they are too focused on some kind of screen!

 So after the sad admission that most people are eating and staring at screens in unhealthy doses…the next question is…what are we looking at and why?  The most common response was a smartphone to check email followed by checking social media, looking at YouTube and to focus on work stuff. Zombie Eating is also changing where we eat. Instead of leaving the office, 67 percent of people surveyed said they stay in the office to eat with 22 percent confessing they have lunch in front of their computer.

 I have to admit. I do all of the above. Well, all except the “forget” your food part. I could never forget to eat.  For me, it is pleasure not hunger. My favorite way to decompress after work is to cozy up on my sofa with the perfect meal (usually Taco Bell or some kind of nacho like substance). I have my iPhone near me to catch up on social media and news. My iPad has to be within reaching distance so I can rotate through my “Candy” games until I run out of lives on all of them and have to wait 15 minutes to circle through again. All of this is taking place while binge watching some kind of series on Netflix or Hulu. If I don’t have a show to catch up on then my meal is not enjoyable.  (Wow…as I’m writing this I’m also pondering whether or not I should book a therapy session with someone who can analyze the deeper meaning behind my over stimulated eating habits)

(Source: One Poll)

Teresa Maxwell