Teresa's Tabloid Trash Friday 6/14/19

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Taylor Swift says “You Need to Calm Down”. That is the name of her latest single just released last night. The video will be here Monday and the album which we now know will be called, Lover, drops on 8/23/19. Taylor is also teaming up with Stella McCartney on a Lover clothing line.


 Charli XCX is dropping a brand new album this fall.  Her next record is titled Charli, and it will be out September 13th.  She's also heading on an accompanying tour, with stops in 21 U.S. cities. 

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Photo Credit: Pitchfork.com

Photo Credit: Pitchfork.com

Toronto native and Raptors super fan, Drake is releasing two new songs to celebrate the teams NBA championship title.  The rapper released artwork for the new tracks on Instagram.

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 Jessica Biel is lobbying against a California bill to require child vaccinations, but not because she's anti-vax.  She says there are kids who have legitimate medical reasons to skip vaccinations, and this bill could be bad for their health. 

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Photo Credit: New York Post

Photo Credit: New York Post

Kim Kardashian West is joining the Trump administration's efforts to reform the criminal justice system.  She appeared at a White House event Thursday, saying she felt honored to help advocate for former prisoners.  She also touted a partnership with Lyft to help former inmates get to job interviews.  

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The teaser trailer is out for "Doctor Sleep," the sequel to The "Shining."  It picks up four decades after the Stephen King novel and Stanley Kubrick movie adaptation left off.  It centers on Dan Torrance, played by Ewan McGregor, who was a child in the original.  "Doctor Sleep" is set to hit theaters November 8th. 

New on TV and Streaming:

 • Friday on Netflix:  The third and final season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones

• Sunday on Showtime:  The series premiere of City on a Hill which stars Aldis Hodge as a D.A. who forms an unlikely alliance with corrupt FBI agent Kevin Bacon to take down the violent criminals attacking Boston. 

• Sunday on HBO:  The series premiere of Euphoria, which is a high school drama about sex, drugs, and trauma starring Zendaya as an addict trying to stay clean after getting out of rehab. 

In Theaters:

Men in Black International: Tessa Thompson stars as a rookie agent who talks her way into a job with the Men in Black.  As Agent M, she's assigned to the London branch, where she's partnered with Chris Hemsworth (Agent H) and ordered to track down a mole in the organization.

Shaft: Jessie T. Usher is John Shaft Jr.  He's Samuel L. Jackson's nerdy FBI agent son that he's never met . . . because JJ's mama didn't want to risk his life around any of Shaft's enemies.

The Dead Won’t Die: is a zombie comedy starring Bill Murray, Adam Driver, and Chloe Sevigny as small town cops fighting off the undead.  The rest of the cast includes Iggy Pop, RZA, Selena Gomez, Danny Glover, and a sword-wielding Tilda Swinton. 

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