Jonas Brothers Will Release New Memoir: Blood


 Not gonna lie…I’m riding that Jonas Brothers wave right now. I was too old to jump on the band wagon the first time around when Kevin, Joe, and Nick became Disney Channel heartthrobs.

Jonas_Brothers young pic.jpg

This time I’m all over it. Not only do I love their new music but I’m obsessed with their relationships. I follow Nick and his new wife, Priyanka Chopra on Instagram as well as Joe and his Game of Thrones bride, Sophie Turner.

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The Jonas Brothers public relations team is definitely earning their paycheck this year. Every few weeks we get an announcement of some new project like the latest…a memoir. Blood will give an inside look at how the band formed, their rise to fame, the family fallout from the breakup and the happy reunion. Unfortunately, we have to wait until November 12th for the book release. Until then you can get your Jo Bros fix when the Amazon documentary, Chasing Happiness, premieres June 4th.  


The Happiness Begins album will drop on June 7th and the 40 date concert tour kicks off in Miami on August 7th.

(They will be stopping here in KC at the Sprint Center on 9/22/19)

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Teresa Maxwell