It's Me Time!

Today I’m putting my foot down and declaring this the summer of me! All year long I am in mom mode (which honestly never stops). However, I officially have an 18 year old high school graduate who is all set up to attend K-State in the fall. My younger son will be 15 years old on June 21 so he is self-sufficient. (He still needs me but he can feed himself and not burn the house down while I’m at work)

The important part is that both boys are out of school which means I don’t care if they have done their homework, showered or if they have clean clothes. FREEDOM!!!  That’s what I mean by “the summer of me”. I’m looking forward to spending lots of time with all of my boys (husband Billy makes three). Still, I need some alone time to use the bathroom without someone trying to have a conversation with me through the door. Wait…that too but that isn’t what I meant. I need to make myself a priority. I’ve been saying it for months but now nothing is stopping me.

Starting today I’m slowing down to prep my meals and make healthy choices. I’m starting a 30 day round of weight loss with my friends at Max Life Weight Loss and Body Balancing. I stopped by to see them last week explaining that I’ve been on a “my son is graduating and I’m emotionally eating” kick.  I’m going to make exercise a priority again. I love my membership at the Orange Theory Fitness in Lenexa. I usually go to the noon classes but I can branch out now. I don’t have to pick up kids after school or drive them to after school activities.  I can get super crazy and workout at 4 or even 6 o’clock…in the evening…who am I???

I’m actually excited about working in the yard, cleaning out closets and organizing my basement. I have several books sitting on my nightstand longing for me to thumb through their pages. I’m writing this blog, not to brag that I have free time. I’m writing it so that now I have to be accountable. Oh no! I’ve said I’m going to do it in a blog…it is written in stone forever! As women, I think we naturally put ourselves last. Taking care of others is in our nature. That is a wonderful thing but don’t feel guilty about taking time for you. I personally need it for my sanity so I can be a better mom and wife to my guys.

Cheers to summer! Have a great one.