My Current Instagram Obsession


 Instagram is entertaining mindless fun. I love to unwind by scrolling through video of my favorite celebrities, my family members and friends. However, I have developed a bit of a dog addiction.  Many times, I have caught myself falling down a deep Instagram rabbit hole of Chihuahua videos…each one leading me to a new account to follow. These are a few of my current obsessions:


Nessie McNubbins is an account made by the owner of a rescued dog in Texas. She is a special needs rescue with only two legs who hops around like a kangaroo. You can see in the photos and videos that Nessie is very well cared for and very loved. Recently, Nessie’s family also adopted a look alike puppy who also only has two back legs. It is so sweet to follow the journey of this new puppy learning to function in life with the nurturing from Nessie who is now a big sis/mom/mentor.

dog edit.jpg

If you follow #dogsofinstagram and #rescuedogsofinstagram you will find all sorts of furry goodness in your feed guaranteed to make you waste hours of your day.

rescue dog edit.jpg

 If dogs are not your thing…how about chickens? I know, it sounds silly, but I accidentally discovered Chickens.rice. lover. It is literally just chickens…chickens walking, chickens hanging out with other chickens, chicken feathers. It is crazy but also kind of sweet and soothing.

chicken 2.jpg

Let me know what Instagram accounts you love to follow in the comments section below and of course, please follow me at TeresaMaxwellOfficial.