A Not So Wild Bachelorette Party

Every bride dreams of her special day from the time she is a little girl. She has every right to create the perfect day for herself even if some of the things in her vision are kind of strange. Every bride also has the right to influence the direction of her bachelorette party. I feel like we give our friends a pass for being kind of moody because we know how important it is to her and how stressed she is. However, when a bride starts creating a list of absurd rules…I, personally, would have to bail.

There is a viral email from a wedding Facebook group floating around online which shows a list of rules given to invited guests of a Vegas bachelorette party recently:

 1.  No hard liquor.  Quote, "I don't want to be tempted by these foul drinks . . . please stick to light beers and red wines."  And no drugs, including people with Adderall prescriptions, quote, "As we will not be studying, there's no need."

 2.  No sex.  Quote, "As none of us have committed ourselves to husbands yet, there's no need to have premarital sex . . . [and] please don't invite random men back to the suite.  I don't want to be robbed."

 3.  Send her $50 each for groceries.  So $900 total for groceries.

4.  And finally, she scheduled a church trip for the Sunday morning they're in Vegas.  Quote, "I think it'll be a nice way to cleanse us of our sins from that week."

 Now, I think asking for grocery money as well as demanding no random strangers be brought back to the room both sound reasonable. However, only a doctor and patient can determine if someone needs their prescription medication. If you are old enough to attend a Vegas party then you are also probably old enough to decide if you want to be intimate with someone.

Finally, as for the Sunday church service planned to “cleanse us of our sins”…I mentioned this to my friend and radio cohost, Tara, and she brought up a very good point. “What sins do they need to be cleansed from? She took them all away with her list of rules.” Great observation, Tara. LOL!