My Story

How I Accidentally Created A Life In Radio

 It’s All About Who You Know...

My career began with an act of kindness (or desperation) from a stranger. A friend of a friend remembered me saying that it would be cool to work at your station.  Keep in mind that I was not studying radio nor did I have any real aspirations to be in radio. The message he left for her a month later was, “I don’t remember your friend’s name, but I have an internship for her”. The rest is history. My first on-air job was reporting traffic high above Oklahoma City in “Blue Thunder” which to the shock of most people was an airplane, not a helicopter. I hated it. I was sick every time that plane left the ground. TMI?

I knew it would lead to bigger and better things if I could just persevere. Soon my prayers were answered and I was able to ditch the plane for the studio. I became host of The Rocket and Teresa Show and my alarm has been set for 3 A.M. ever since. My radio partner, Rocket and I moved to Kansas City in 2000 so he could be near his daughter. Family is everything! I planted roots and created a family of my own. I’m a wife to Billy and a mom to Chase and Christian.

The most special compliment I ever hear from my listeners is that they feel like they really know me…that we are friends. I’ve been sharing my honest, intimate life details with you for over 20 years...and I’m grateful for every second of it.

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